The History of Chicote

The ingredients in Chicote Hot Sauce and Chicote Smoked Chilies are an 80-year-old family recipe.

These recipes were given to my Grandmother by her mother, Nana.

We do not know who gave the recipes to my Nana or how my Nana got these recipes all I can remember was that succulent aroma permeating the house when these chilies were being cooked to perfection.

I have great memories of my grandmother taking me to the Mexican markets to look and choose the right size and type of chilies. She would have me smell the different chilies until I learned which type, by smell, would be the right ones to buy. The ones she would buy would always be sweeter and had the most amazing aroma.

My Grandmother would make large batches of the pickle chilies and large bottles of the hot sauce and share with her friends and neighbors.


When my Nana and then my Grandmother passed we forgot to make these recipes. For years I was always looking to find a company or someone that would make these pickle chilies and hot sauce. I would find similar products, but they either had too much vinegar, were too salty, too sweet, had no flavor or were just too hot.

After searching high and low and checking other similar products I decided I would try to make the impossible, recreate my grandmother and Nana’s wonderful recipe of pickle chilies we all liked and craved.

I searched many Mexican Markets for years and finally was fortunate to find a wholesale warehouse that sold exactly the type of chilies I needed. After several attempts I was able to recreate her recipe in big batches and just like my grandmother I started sharing with family and friends. Soon my best friend encouraged me to start my business and now I get to share with you my grandmother and Nana’s smoked pickled chilies and hot sauce.

It is my hope that you and your family would enjoy these products as we have for many decades!