Chicote Tomatillo Pork Chops

fried pork chops
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Chicote Tomatillo Pork Chops

If you do not like pork you can substitute it with chicken breast.


Ingredients:                                                                        Serves 2

2 ea.            Pork chops

½ lb.           Tomatillos peeled

3 oz             Chicote Smoked chilies

½ ea.          Onion medium

3                  Garlic cloves

2 tbsp         Chicken bouillon

¼ ea.          Cilantro bunch

3 ea.            Potatoes chopped

Salt & Pepper to taste


In a pot put the tomatillos and add water to cover the tomatillos.  Cook them for 5 minutes until they change color to dark green and cover. Set aside and continue with the pork chops.

Season pork chops with salt & pepper and low-fry until pork chops are light brown. You don’t need to cook them completely as you will add the sauce and slow cook the pork chops.

In a blender add the tomatillos and the rest of the ingredients, except potatoes, and blend to a smooth consistency.

Add the sauce to the frying pan where you fried your pork chops and add the chopped potatoes.

Let the pork chops and potatoes simmer in low heat for 25 minutes. You can add water as needed.

If you want the pork chops to be spicier add more Chicote smoked chilies.